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Player Tracking Today

Player movements during matches and trainings are captured using either video or sensor technology. Capturing player movements through video has the inconvinience that we need to setup multiple camaras around the field in order to guarantee a constant line of sight. Tracking player movement through sensors is done using either accelerometers or GPS, which makes data capture much simpler, but has its issues when it comes to measurement accuracy. At the moment these sensors have measurement error of meters, while in most cases a centimeter measurement accuracy is needed.

Data insights: Now comes the hardest part, extracting the value from the information. Ideally coaches would go through all game and training footage and review all statistics reports to make sense of all the information and draw conclusions based on their expertise. The main problem in this step is time. No coach has enough time to review, analyze, and draw conclusions based on every second of every match and every training their team does.

A Coach's Dream

Coaches are still waiting for that solution that captures and displays relevant team and player performance insights right on the spot. A solution that removes video's line of sight handicap, improves sensor's measurement accuracy, and speeds up the time between data capture and valuable insights. The key obstacles are the usual suspects: price and usability. The ideal solution is one that offers instant access to team and player:

Physical performance - Statistics on parameters such as distance covered or sprint intensity, and how they change over time.

Skills performance - Statistics on pass and shot accuracy, ball loss, or tackles won, and how they change over time.

Movements performance - Positioning and movement heatmaps, and how they change over time.

Information displays are created by a team of analysts that go through the video footage identify specific player actions. Then, with the help of software, create highlights and statistics reports that make it easiers for coaches, players, or fans to understand what is happening on the field.

What if it was possible...

To process and analyze all your data through the eyes of an expert.

Player movements

Today versus the future

Cutting edge wireless sensor technology, reduces measurement error from meters to centimeters, to record player and ball movement data throughout matches and trainings. Valuable data used to produce replays, player statistics, and spot development needs.

Information displays

Access insights real-time

An app to view replays and player statistics. Record match & training highlights, with a simple tap on the phone, actual visual content that helps identify & communicate player development needs, and motivate them to keep pushing forward.

Data insights


Analyze all training and match movements with machine made algorithms to take data analysis one step further. Identify both what and how it is happening to truly understand the meaning behind the numbers. Spot insights only an expert coach with limitless time might reproduce.

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